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SIMRAN DHADDA - Episode 024

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Simran Dhadda - Engineering Success


Simran has a unique hybrid skillset in marketing and engineering. Graduating from Imperial College London with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering she then worked at Airbus, the worlds largest aircraft manufacturer.

Starting her career as a Structural Engineer she then moved into marketing. Simran has had an international career, seconded to New York, Beijing and lived in France experiencing first-hand how engineering is truly a global business.

Simran managed corporate events at Airbus where she travelled to over 35 countries, working with world class airlines conducting business with different cultures.


She is extremely passionate about promoting engineering, showing what an exciting profession it can be and is now working full time on developing a TV series to do just that!

simran's show notes.

2.36 How Simran first became involved in engineering.

3.56 Who has been Simran's biggest inspiration.

5.24 How we should enthuse the next generation of talent into engineering.

6.14 Why Simran feels there has been a skills shortage in engineering.

7.26 Does engineering need to promote itself better.

8.52 Simran talks about 'Our Ingenious World' YouTube channel.

11.54 The interchangeable skills you develop in engineering.

14.00 The attributes that have helped in Simran's career.

15.30 Simran discusses mentors.

18.50 How Simran keeps motivated.

22.46 How does Simran continually develop herself.

24.14 How Simran sees engineering changing in the next 5-10 years.

26.52 What the future holds for Simran.

Ellie Carter

Ellie Carter is a Pilot and STEM Ambassador.

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Chiara Armandi

Chiara Armandi is currently studying Aerospace Engineering.

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Fred Mills

Fred Mills is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of The B1M

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