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Chiara Armandi - Episode 014

Chiara Armandi - Engineering Success

Chiara Armandi is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Surrey.

Chiara is the President of the first Society of Women in Space Exploration in Europe and loves everything about Space.

Keen to be involved in the space industry she wants to help make discoveries that will change our lives and advance our knowledge.

Chiara believes there is so much unknown and she wants to find out as much as possible during this perfect era.

Having spent a great deal of time deciding her career path Chiara can only see her future working in the engineering industry and wants to share her passion to help inspire other into a career in engineering.


Engineers make the impossible possible - and working in an industry that changes and affects the lives of everyone, Chiara wants to help shape the world we inhabit.


Josie Rohera

Josie Rothera is the Course Director for MSc Civil Engineering at Leeds Beckett University.

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Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore is the UK Managing Director of Turner and Townsend.

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Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons is the Owner and Director of Lyons O'Neill.

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Gemma Darroch

Gemma Darroch is the Head of New Projects at Ideal Modular Homes.

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