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ELLIE CARTER - Episode 023

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Ellie Carter - Engineering Success


Ellie has always wanted to be a pilot from a very young age. The physics and mathematics of flying always fascinated Ellie. When Ellie was eight she became fascinated with high altitude flight and an aircraft called the U2. The science of flying at such altitudes was fascinating and she was fortunate enough to meet the aircraft and her crews which propelled her towards her dream.

Ellie became the youngest female solo pilot when she took a day off school to solo gliders on her 14th birthday. She followed this up by soloing powered aircraft 3 days after her 16th birthday, due to storm Diana preventing her from flying on her birthday. Ellie collected her PPL on her 17th birthday.

Since then Ellie has added various ratings including her tail wheel rating which allows her to fly a 1943 Piper L4 Grasshopper which served in D-Day!

Ellie's most memorable aviation moments to date include flying to Belgium; which won her an international aviatrix award, and having an engine failure after take-off resulting in a Mayday and a forced landing into some long grass.

Ellie is currently studying her A levels along with an EMC in carbon neutral propulsion. Her ambition is a career in aviation and is hoping to study Aeronautics and Astronautics, which have been her ambition since she was 10 years old.

Ellie is a speaker for many organisations such as the Farnborough Airshow and YES as well as doing regular interviews and podcasts along with going into schools to encourage more girls to consider careers in STEM and aviation.

ELLIE's show notes.

3.57 How Ellie first became interested in flying.

5.04 How did Ellie manage her time between flying and school.

5.36 How Ellie's dad inspired her.

7.04 What advise Ellie would give to anyone thinking about becoming a pilot.

9.17 How do we enthuse the next generation.

10.40 Are more visible role models essential to attract new talent.

11.18 Do you feel aviation needs to promote itself better.

13.07 Is aviation and engineering doing enough to promote Diversity and Inclusion.

14.16 Ellie's work as a Youth Education and Support Ambassador.

15.40 Ellie's amazing story of the U-2 Spy plane.

17.10 Ellie discusses mentors.

18.08 What the future holds for Ellie.

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