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JOSHUA BRUCE - Episode 048

Joshua Bruce
Joshua Bruce - Engineering Success


Alongside his studies, Joshua spearheads an international initiative called the Young Engineers Summit. This unique summit aims to dismantle barriers, raise awareness, and create opportunities for participants to shape their own futures and contribute to the future of engineering.


For Joshua, engineering is not just about numbers and equations; it represents a powerful tool for innovation and positive change.

Driven by a strong desire to empower the next generation, Joshua is dedicated to helping young individuals recognize and unlock their full potential as agents of positive change in the world. His commitment to breaking down cultural and ethnic barriers is a huge driving force behind his involvement in with Mission 44.


Joshua firmly believes that by harnessing their strengths, young people can make significant and meaningful contributions to society.

Through his various roles and endeavours, Joshua exemplifies a relentless pursuit of his passions and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact in the world of engineering and beyond.

JOSHUA's show notes.

02.28 What first interested Josh in engineering.

03.50 Josh discusses university and how he has found the first 2 years of his Aeronautical degree.

09.00 Josh discusses being a STEM Ambassador and being on the Youth Advisory Board for Sir Lewis Hamilton's Mission 44 and the importance of this work.

12.36 Josh discusses the Young Engineers Summit which he spearheads.

18.36 Having a huge desire to empower the next generation Josh talks about how we can enthuse younger people into engineering.

21.04 Josh discusses how engineering can better promote itself.

22.25 Josh talks about the #1 piece of advice he would give someone thinking about a career in engineering.

24.32 Who has been Josh's biggest inspiration.

26.00 How Josh sees engineering changing in the next 5-10 years.

28.55 What motivates Josh to succeed.

30.05 What Josh loves about engineering.

31.44 What the future holds for Josh.

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Engineering Success

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