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LUCY DAVIES - Episode 046

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Lucy Davies - Engineering Success


Lucy studied for an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University, completing a summer and year internship during her course before joining the BAE Systems graduate scheme in September 2021.

During her graduate scheme she worked at the forefront of aerospace technology and has contributed directly to the next generation of military aircraft design through the Tempest programme. Lucy worked as a Safety Integration Engineer which meant that she worked on every element of the platform and completed analysis that led to physical design changes on the aircraft.

After recently finishing on the graduate scheme Lucy has taken a new role on BAE System’s new Electric Products programme, working on cutting edge sustainable aircraft design.

Lucy recently passed her IEng and is now an Incorporated Engineer with the Royal Aeronautical Society.

During university Lucy noticed the disparity between the number of male and females studying engineering and started devoting time to showcasing the STEM field to younger people. Through her tenure as the Programme President she was able to establish the courses first EDI committee and has since carried on this work, being an active STEM ambassador and now sitting on the WISE Young Professionals’ Board as the Engagement Lead.

LUCY's show notes.

02.38 How Lucy first became interested in engineering.

04.07 Lucy's route into engineering.

04.35 Lucy discusses her role as an Integration Engineer.

05.44 Lucy discusses the Graduate Scheme at BAE Systems and the importance of working in different teams.

08.34 Lucy talks about the work she does on WISE Young Professionals Board and the Unfiltered STEM podcast.

12.00 Lucy discusses how engineering can better promote itself.

13.57 Lucy talks about how we can enthuse the next generation of engineers.

15.44 What Lucy's #1 piece of advice is for someone thinking about a career in engineering.

17.18 Lucy discusses the challenges ahead of engineering.

18.22 How Lucy keeps motivated.

20.04 Who has been Lucy's biggest inspiration.

21.34 What myths Lucy would like to dispel about engineering.

22.34 What Lucy loves about engineering.

24.14 What the best piece of advise Lucy has been given.

25.30 What the future holds for Lucy.

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Engineering Success

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