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Gemma Darroch - Episode 017

Gemma Darroch
Gemma Darroch - Engineering Success

Gemma Darroch is the Head of New Projects at Ideal Modular Homes.

Gemma has several years' experience providing expert advice across the interior design and modular housing sector.

As Head of New Projects at Ideal Modular Homes Gemma has a proven track record of developing successful business relationships with existing and prospective clients.


With her exceptional understanding of the growing housing market, Gemma helps clients achieve their aspirations in creating "beautiful homes in which people want to live".

With a creative eye for precision, Gemma advocates 'simplicity in design' through sustainable construction methods, without compromising on quality and deliverability.

This is reflected within the design ethos of Ideal Modular Homes.

Her commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon initiatives set out by th UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and creating socially viable homes for all, is at the forefront of her sustainability mission.

Ideal Modular Home
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