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ERUSA ADIZIE - Episode 036

Erusa Adizie Podcast
Erusa Adizie - Engineering Success


Working for a sustainable building materials company Erusa's role involves supporting and developing the roadmaps that will allow the hard to decarbonise industry to reach net zero targets.


Erusa has degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with management and safety, and reliability engineering.


She is passionate about the energy transition and has had various roles, all exclusively within energy. From the oil and gas services to electricity transmission to power generation. 

Erusa is a STEM Ambassador and member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Energy Panel and an IET Education Volunteer.

In 2021 she won the IET Volunteer Core Values Award for Integrity. She is passionate about promoting STEM as well as working to improve diversity in energy, especially low carbon and sustainability fields through her initiative - Power to Diversity. 

ERUsA's show notes.

01.46 How Erusa first became interested in engineering.

03.00 What route Erusa took into the engineering industry.

03.56 Erusa discusses her position as a Net Zero Manager.


08.35 How Erusa thinks we can enthuse the next generation into STEM.

09.32 What Erusa's #1 piece of advice is for anyone thinking about a career in engineering.

11.42 Erusa discusses the myths she'd like to dispel about engineering.

15.25 How can engineering better promote itself.


17.45 Erusa discusses the biggest challenges ahead of engineering.


20.20 Has Erusa had any mentors.


21.25 How does Erusa keep motivated.


22.30 Who has been Erusa's biggest inspiration.


23.40 How does Erusa continually develop herself.

26.32 What does the future hold for Erusa.

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