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Vicki Reynolds - Episode 011

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Vicki Reynolds - Engineering Success

Vicki Reynolds is a Digital Manager at Multiplex Construction.

Vicki has worked closely with stakeholders of every level of seniority and experience to deliver BIM and Digital Construction across a number of major projects in the UK.

In her current role as Digital Manager at Multiplex Construction she works on the

pre-construction digital strategy and digital skills development across the organisation. She believes that, so long as you find the right learning method, BIM and Digital Construction can be accessible for everyone.

A core member of Women in BIM, Vicki works hard to support, retain and provide opportunities for women in the digital construction environment and regularly presents at schools to promote STEM and Construction to girls in education.

Vicki believes strongly that the industry must diversify in order to successfully digitalise and works hard to encourage women of all ages and experience to consider construction as a viable and rewarding career option.


Multiplex website:

Twitter: Vicki Reynolds

LinkedIn : Vicki Reynolds

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