Sophie Harker - Episode 020 - Show Notes

Sophie Harker is a Senior Aerodynamicist for BAE Systems and is one of the youngest engineers to have achieved Chartered Engineer status at just 25 years old.

Sophie works at the forefront of aerospace technology, developing advanced designs and concepts for new generation fast jets and aircraft that operate in space as well as inside the atmosphere.

Along with many other awards and accolades - in 2018 Sophie won the Institution of Engineering and Technology 'Young Woman Engineer of the Year' Award.

In 2019 Sophie won the RAEng Young Engineer of the Year and RAES Young Person's Achievement Award.

Podcast Show Notes:

4.20 How Sophie first became involved in engineering.

5.30 Who has been Sophie's biggest inspiration.

7.04 What Sophie enjoys the most about being an Aerodynamicist.

7.50 What Sophie's advice would be to someone thinking about a career in engineering.

9.20 How we should enthuse the next generation of talent into engineering.

11.10 Why Sophie feels there has been a skills shortage in engineering.

12.40 Does engineering need to promote itself better.

14.45 Sophie talks about promoting diversity and inclusion in engineering.

15.50 What attributes Sophie has that have helped her to be successful in aerospace engineering.

19.02 Sophie talks about the challenges ahead for engineering.

21.25 Sophie discusses the mentors she has had during her career.

22.55 How Sophie keeps herself motivated.

24.15 Sophie discusses how she develops herself.

25.25 How Sophie sees aerospace engineering changing in the next 5-10 years.

27.10 What the future holds for Sophie.

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