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For the past 20 years I have held senior managerial positions within consulting engineering companies. During this time I have been able to successfully deliver my message, work ethic and personal experiences to employees to create a positive and motivated workforce.

I am now sharing my message, work ethic and experience with a larger audience in order to help individuals take control of where they want their careers to be, and to realise and fulfil their potential.

At the same time as motivating and inspiring, I am able to put a reality check on their immediate aspirations and help them see the bigger picture and the need for patience.

I am available to speak on all the topics and articles posted on this website.

If you would like me to speak on other subjects to help inspire and motivate your workforce please email me and I will advise you further on my areas of expertise.

Being a STEM Ambassador I am happy to speak at STEM Events in schools and colleges to give advice, and to help students who are looking to start a career in Engineering.

Additional speaking topics:

  • Structural Engineering - A career view from trainee to VP (all levels within a company)

  • Motivating the workforce (Directors & Managers)

  • Inspiring our young professionals (Directors & Managers)

  • Motivational & Inspirational (Young Professional)

  • Apprentice & Graduate Progression

  • Personal Development

I welcome all enquires so please fill in the enquiry form below or call me directly on +44 7794 822 680


I look forward to hearing from you.

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