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Do we need to constantly feel we are progressing?


My View:


We all want to progress within the company we work for. Whether we are looking to have a wage increase or we want that promotion to the next job title.

To progress we will perhaps participate on a training course both internally or externally to give us the skills ready for promotion to get us to the next level - it is in our nature to want more.


This does sound very general and I know this does not apply to everyone. There are lots of people who feel settled and are happy with their position, their pay and the education they have got.


But isn’t it the case that even these employees are never really fulfilled? These employees complain or grumble about office politics or about other members of staff maybe receiving preferential treatment with the company. Therefore, are they really happy? Or is this just a façade?


But when we think about our professional progression do we always look at the long game, or do we make do what is available to us at the time. Simply undertaking training or having an unrelated and unenthusiastic mentor for the sake of appeasing our boss or because our line manager thought it would be good for us. But the fact is to progress in the correct way, we have to plan what we are doing and the path of progression we want to take. We all progress on a daily basis probably without even realising it.

Having been a leader for many years I believe progression can be measured in many ways. Ways that perhaps are not seen until it is pointed out to us.


Here are a few ways in which we progress even if we only EVER worked a 40 hour week (and I know many of us do much more than this)

  • We have a better understanding of the company we work for.

  • We better understand the principles of the work we undertake on a daily basis

  • Our day-to-day time management is better.

  • We better understand our strengths and weaknesses

And there are lots more but ALL OF THIS IS PERSONAL PROGRESSION


Why do we feel the need to have a certificate for something we have achieved or for our managers to recognise what we’ve done.

We as employees crave recognition from our bosses and business leaders in a formal way.


Progression IS noticed each day by leaders – they will always see the understated things that are achieved by people on a daily basis.

Moving forward and choosing the correct route is a constant battle and frustration. We do need direction from our leaders but we also need to understand where we want to be in the next 5 - 10 years. I know this is a long way into the future and many things can change - and they usually do, but a clear vision of where you will be is the only way to advance ourselves.

Being flexible can make a huge difference to your personal progression


What has worked for me is having a yearly goal. Although I could always see the bigger picture of 5 - 10 years down the line I would set myself these yearly goals.

It might have been to be recognised with a job title, a wage or even becoming an expert user in software I was using. Year on year the goals were always either achieved or surpassed but my goals were always realistic. Never over reach or you will be destined to fail.

But to be honest it wasn’t easy. To do this you need to be very single minded and blinkered in the goals you want to accomplish. This is only how I did it – and it doesn’t work for everyone.

Remember – Every single day we progress in one way or another. Never feel you need recognition for your daily achievements from anyone.



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