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Monday 26th June 2017

Today I was on LinkedIn and came across something that I was pretty shocked and amazed to see. Perhaps I haven't come across this before because it is not the circles in which I have moved before.

A company was marketing their specialism which was training CEO's and company directors and executives in the art of speaking to groups of people.

The company in question gave their 5 top tips on public speaking and speaking to large groups of people.

  • Point 1 was take a deep breath.

  • Point 2 was to smile.

Now perhaps I am being a bit cynical but how do CEO's and company executives get to their positions without speaking to groups of people? Is it not a pre-requisite for a position at that level to be able to speak to the masses?

And tip 1 - take a deep breathe. It truly pains me to see this.

Could I reach out to my community and ask for your thoughts on this please. I will post all comments back under this article and credit comments to username who sent them. Thank you.

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