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Is it possible to use the same motivational and inspirational speeches, quotations and messages for ALL the people who attend, read and are part of this continually growing culture?

My View:


My initial thought to this is yes! I have come across individuals whom I believe have the skills and necessary charisma to inspire people on mass. But make no mistake, this is a SKILL.


During my professional life, which has spanned nearly 30 years, I have been inspired or motivated by many different people. This would usually depend on where I was working, the people who I was working with and the point in which my life was at. For instance, my first boss was a huge inspiration on my life – both professionally and also personally. I think there are a lot of reasons behind this; being my first boss, owning the company, seemingly having so much at such an early age.

And although sometimes I look back and reflect on the journey I have taken and what has brought me to where I am today my first boss is no longer an inspiration. I think if I was to meet him now, apart from being grateful for giving me my first step on the ladder, he wouldn’t inspire me in the way he did when I was a 17 year old trainee.

So, in many ways, I think we are inspired and motivated for a particular moment in time, a moment in our lives, and over time that moment changes. This is because we change, and our thinking and understanding changes.


Since the explosion of the internet we seem to have become accustomed to hearing motivational and inspirational speakers. They have a platform to get their message to the masses and for many this has just become normal. Perhaps this is sometimes the way our lives are going where more of our time is spent on our phones hoping to escape the realities of our everyday lives. Hoping that we will hear one thing that will trigger us into action – to finally feel that inspiration running through our entire being and then finally being able to go out and chase our dreams. Do we really believe this will happen? Perhaps we just looking to escape for 10-20 minutes on our commute to and from work or during our lunch break. I am sure like me, certain things you hear resonate with you and you start to feel empowered and thoughts start going through your mind of success and greatness. But the reality of our life hits home pretty quickly. The fact is that a vast majority of us live for the day and we couldn’t afford to chase our dreams as we have too many commitments.

Listening to these experts in motivational and inspirational speaking on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networking sites does this generic message that seems to be said time and again work for everyone, at every level. The majority of us do not know these people on a personal level so how are we supposed to relate to their messages of inspiration. Or is it that a generic message can be manipulated to suit our own personal circumstances. This could be the key to it all.

We all like to read motivational and inspirational quotes, they are good to read and they can make us smile and think deeper sometimes.


Personally, I have over many years been lucky enough to be in a position within companies to be able to motivate and inspire the workforce on a professionally and sometimes a personal level.

Being a manager and leading teams and individuals forward is a big responsibility and I think sometimes people in this position of power do not realise what influence they can have.


I think what helped me and gave me confidence in being able to motivate and inspire people was the many years of experience I’d had. Having been involved in countless situations within my professional life it gave me a great grounding on how people may, and sometimes do react to what is going on around them. I have been on both sides of the fence, and with that knowledge comes an understanding of how to turn negative situations and thoughts into a more positive mind set. Being able to take away valuable lessons and growing your knowledge and experience.

I also believe having empathy, a true understanding and a personal connection with the people I’ve managed and lead plays a huge part in me being able to motivate, inspire and be trusted by people.

I think the most important thing I’ve just said there is TRUST. Without trust at any level you have nothing.

To be motivated and inspired to the point of wanting to completely change your life you have to trust the person who is inspiring and motivating you to become the best and believe in your journey.

Without trust – the message may well be listened to, but actions will rarely be taken.


So, back to the initial question of being able to inspire the masses.


Like I said, I think it can be done – but ONLY by people we know and trust. But we don't have to know these successful people personally in the sense that we talk to them everyday - I mean in the sense of knowing their story and how they achieved success.

Other inspirational figures who enter our lives everyday on the internet and who tell us we can be successful if we listen to them and buy into how they became successful as well as believing in our own journey. I really don't think we do know them at all.


But the people who can inspire on mass are the people who we know have actually been successful in life. They are the people who have started with nothing and built empires during their lifetimes.



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