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Georgia Thompson
Georgia Thompson - Engineering Success

Georgia Thompson is a Civil Engineer and the Co-Founder of D-VERS-TY.

Georgia is passionate about personal leadership and an advocate for changing cultures in diversity, inclusion and innovation.

Currently a Design Delivery Coordinator at BAM Nuttall, Georgia is responsible for the pre-construction delivery of railway bridge renewals and refurbishments in the South East on behalf of Network Rail as well as innovation lead for the Rail South team in Sevenoaks.

Georgia is the Co-Founder of D-VERS-TY a social enterprise dedicated to challenging the habit of identifying differences before recognising attributes and talents in Engineering and Technology fields.

D-VERS-TY are currently running their mentorship scheme between students at the University of West England and graduates at Rolls Royce, aimed to develop inclusive leaders.


Georgia is the communications officer for the Railway Civil Engineering Association, promoting the benefits of railway civil engineering and an advisory board member for I Dare 2 inspire, a social enterprise designed to empower and raise the aspirations of under-represented young people.

georgia's show notes.

2.37 How Georgia first became involved in engineering.

3.43 Georgia tells us more about D-VERS-TY.

6.45 What has been Georgia's biggest inspiration.

8.10 What Georgia enjoys the most about working in the Rail Industry.

9.32 What advice Georgia would give someone starting a career in Engineering.

10.20 How Georgia thinks we can enthuse the next generation.

11.10 Why Georgia feels there has been a skills shortage.

12.09 How Georgia thinks engineering could better promote itself.

14.52 Does engineering do enough to promote diversity and inclusion.

17.56 Georgia talks about the challenges ahead for engineering.

18.56 Georgia discusses the mentors she has had during her career.

20.15 How Georgia keeps herself motivated.

21.08 Georgia discusses how she develops herself.

22.30 What changes Georgia has seen in engineering over the past 5 years.

24.15 How Georgia sees engineering changing in the next 5-10 years.

25.55 What the future holds for Georgia

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