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FRED MILLS - Episode 010 - Show Notes

Fred Mills is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of The B1M.

Having worked with a leading UK  contractor Fred co-founded The B1M in 2012 to up-skill the construction industry on Building Information Modelling.

Fred has grown The B1M into the worlds largest and most subscribed- to video channel for construction with over 11 million views each month.

Podcast Show Notes:

2.28 How Fred first became involved in construction.

7.36 Who has been Fred's biggest inspiration.

9.26 What habits Fred has.

10.14 What attributes Fred has to lead The B1M.

12.07 What advice Fred would give somebody starting a career in construction.

14.32 Why Fred feels there has been a skills shortage in engineering.

17.46 What the biggest changes Fred has seen in construction.

19.07 What are the biggest changes Fred sees for construction.

21.14 How Fred keeps motivated.

22.31 Fred discusses how he continually develops himself.

23.41 Fred discusses his mission.

24.56 Fred talks about his mentors.

26.06 Would Fred change anything in his career.

26.49 What the future holds for Fred

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