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In BUILT, structural engineer Roma Agrawal takes a unique look at how construction has evolved from the mud huts of our ancestors to skyscrapers of steel that reach hundreds of metres into the sky. She unearths how engineers have tunnelled through kilometres of solid mountains; how they've bridged across the widest and deepest of rivers, and tamed Nature's precious - and elusive - water resources. She tells vivid tales of the visionaries who created the groundbreaking materials in the Pantheon's record-holding concrete dome and the frame of the record-breaking Eiffel Tower. Through the lens of an engineer, Roma examines tragedies like the collapse of the Quebec Bridge, highlighting the precarious task of ensuring people's safety they hold at every step.

With colourful stories of her life-long fascination with buildings - and her own hand-drawn illustrations - Roma reveals the extraordinary secret lives of structures.


Full of incredible tales of achievement and ingenuity, Engineers celebrates the greatest engineers that ever lived and the stamp they have left on our world.

Learn all about how engineering projects have changed the course of history and added to human progress, from those who built the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Discover the impressive structures of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the first forays into space travel, and the pioneering computer scientists of today.

From initial concepts to prototypes and finished designs, Engineers is full to bursting with technical drawings, specially commissioned artworks, blueprints and virtual tours that help bring engineering's greatest structures, inventions and technological breakthroughs to life.

Thames & Kosmos Thames and Kosmos 625416 Architectural Engineering, Play The Role of Architect and Enginner, 26 Models to Make, Ages 8-14, Multi

Soaring spires, towering arches, complex curves and angles! Build your foundation in architectural design with this fascinating STEM experiment kit that explores the engineering principles behind planning and developing buildings and structures. Through model building exercises you play the role of architect and engineer as you piece together an array of models, from small, basic structural elements to giant, complex models of real-world buildings!

First for Kids Intro to Engineering

Intro to Engineering welcomes young children to the field of engineering. By engaging in hands-on activities, children will learn how engineers apply their scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and devices.

Build a helicopter, a pinwheel, a parachute, a glider, a balloon rocket, and an air-powered carousel. Build a diving bell, a sailboat, and a paddle boat to experiment with engineering in water. Find engineering in your own home with this experiment kit!

STEM: Extraordinary Engineering Top Trumps Card Game

Stem comes to life with Top Trumps extraordinary engineering. Find out about tiny cameras, bullet trains, suspension bridges and fidget spinners in this pack of the ever-popular educational game. What do all engineering feats have in common. How long ago was the elevator invented. What links a rollercoaster with a washing machine. It is all here as a tool to inspire young minds.


Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys-190 Pieces DIY Building Science Experiment Kit for kids Aged 8-10+,Solar Powered by the Sun

The 12-in-1 solar robot kit can be assembled into 12 different styles robots which can move on land or water. There are two levels in building the robot as to complexity. Entry level: Puppy-Bot, Beetle-Bot, Zombie-Bot, Quad-Bot, Turtle-Bot, Walker-Bot; Challenge childs and students manipulative skills with second level: Row-Bot, Surf-Bot,Roly-Poly-Bot, Buggy-Bot, Slither-Bot, Crab-Bot. 

Mochoogle STEM Electric Mechanical Assembly Model Building Toys Kit - DIY Engineering Mechanics Climbing Vehicle, Circuit Building Projects for Kids and Teens - Science Experiments Using Real Motor

This is an assembly kit of a 4WD Electric Mechanical Assembly Building Toy which appears to walk as the 4 wheels on its corners move vertically, and climbs over obstacles up to 50mm with ease. Choose from 3 different chassis angle settings. Power from the motor is delivered to the wheels by assembly-type ladder chains. Includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly. Simple wiring is required to complete the assembly.


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